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Should you wear your PJs or onesies in public?

Is it okay to wear your PJs, Onesies, nightwear out and about?

This is a question that people ask a lot!  There are likely to be several health benefits and it is a lot easier to control your body temperature. Onesies often have a breathable cloth which makes it possible to be warm in the winter and keep cool in summer.

Having a routine which calms you, (which means no computer displays or music) can also help the chances of getting a great night’s sleep. For children, they will appreciate a regular sleeping pattern to get to sleep. Research reported by the Huffington Post showed that mothers spend an average of 140 hours every year trying to get their children to sleep, which equates to 18 total workdays! (25 minutes to get their children into bed around 140 hours each year or three hours weekly. And 77% of dads and mums say these patterns will leave them exhausted.

A heated conversation got under way in their morning breakfast series with some audiences saying it had been unacceptable and individuals have to have more self-respect, whilst others had been more sympathetic to the lifestyles of active mothers and maintained it was mad to be offended by what other men and women wear.

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