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Annually as a University student is a rollercoaster of feelings.
Despite drowning in deadlines, you’ll always find time to
attend socials and also make your title for a BNOC. Meeting lifelong
Friends and creating memories that are amazing, we would not wish to modify
Something about life on campus.

1. Freshers’ Week

Student Onesie Guide 2 - Unicorn Kigus

It is finally here, the beginning of the uni year! You have arrived on
Campus feeling bewitching, prepared to catch up with all the group and
Make new buddies to discuss your own Unicorn love with.

A week of socialising May take its toll on some, maybe not you. Your soul that is Unicorn will glow in a sea of hungover Pupils as you seem on fleek within this onesie.

2. Reading Week  

Half way through the initial period of this year and you are dying to return into a home comforts. You need to be Getting up on you also on and some other reading which you have fallen behind Begin with the greatest goals by filling your Red Panda Adaptive with library publications.

Soon though, home comforts seem more appealing and there’s
plenty of room in that backpack for dirty laundry that your mum
will happily wash for you. Like the Red Panda sleeping in a
tree branch, you’ll cling to your mum’s sofa for some essential
rest and recuperation after an exhausting start to the year.


3. Halloween

On the busiest night of the year, you can expect the clubs to
be bouncing with students in fancy dress. Donning coloured
contact lenses and fake blood stained tee-shirts won’t cut it.
To really make an entrance, take your cat costume to the next
level with a    purr-fect  Midnight Cat

October can be cold, but you’ll be feline hot in this super
cosy onesie. As the Union queue snakes around campus, and you
wait eagerly to get your spook on, everyone will be super jel
that they didn’t have the same idea.

Student Onesie Guide 4 - Midnight Cat Kigu

4. Coursework Deadlines

With two 5,000 word essays, a group presentation and 3 chapters
of reading all due TOMORROW, you’re going to need a stress nap.
At this point in the year, life as a sloth seems very

Sleeping for up to 20 hours a day and only waking up to eat,
sloths really have it easy. Unfortunately, students aren’t
evolving into sloths anytime soon, but the next best thing is
taking a nap with a sloth neck
and forget all about those

Student Onesie Guide 5 - Sleepy Sloth

via Giphy

5. Christmas

It’s OK to admit that the first term of the year has been a
bit, well, prickly. You arrived feeling fresh and ready to take
on everything the lecturers could throw at you. But that module
on Ancient Philosophers was too much to handle and now you want
to hibernate.

Hedgehogs know what it’s all about, so climb in to our
, curl into a ball and sleep your way
through Christmas break. Don’t forget to set an alarm for
Christmas dinner though! You wouldn’t want to miss out on any
pigs in blankets.

Student Onesie Guide 6 - Christmas Cat

via Giphy

6. January Exams

So much to revise, such little time. After hibernating all
Christmas, you have a lot of studying to cram in and like an
octopus, you’ll be flipping through as many textbooks as you
can fit on your desk.

All those colour coded notes mean nothing anymore and your
highlighter has given up the ghost. The only thing that can
save you now is if you grow an extra arm, or 6. So why not try
an Octopus
to channel the multi-tasking
cephalopod and smash those exams.

Student Onesie Guide 7 - Monsters

via Giphy


7. Spring Term

With exams from the way, it’s time. YouPromise yourself you will savour every moment ahead of the Uni bubble is burst and you’re made to enter the real world. Like the UrbanFox, you may sleep all day and party all of night. Down load snakebites and take embarrassing selfies with course mates on wild nights out. Top tip: wear your onesie to the club therefore when you get home you are prepared for bed!

8. Ski Society Trip

You have been living off Pot Noodles for a fortnight Search for piste in one of our Skigurumi. These waterproof and windproof creature suits are Excellent forSkiers and snowboarders alike. You will stand out from the audiences as a tribe of dinosaurs along with unicorns and have everybody at the resort needing to become a part of your own squad.

9. Last Weeks of Term

AKA the Gold Rush. Now’s the timeYou see in the Union each Saturday, 2nd year. Just like a smooth-talking Leopard, you proceed on the prowl in the hopes of a last-minute romance before leaving campus for many long summer months.

10. Summer

You are counting down the weeks ’til you can head back to CampusNonetheless, it’s just too long to wait to see that the Uni team. It’s time to take Uni on excursion and fly into a summer vacation and reside out your beachfront festival fantasies by viewing up any Parrot realness in our Kigoule. A weekend filled with wellies, tents and audio which makesMemories with your Uni BFFs will have to do before September comes along with you can begin the Uni year around again. Fancy one on your own? We’ve Got a Great Deal of fun and fancy onesies to Select fromTo suit every stage from the uni year!

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