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Top 12 Alternative Christmas Advent Calendars

Advent calendars used to be a simple: Just cheap chocolate hidden behind a flimsy cardboard door!

But guys, it’s 2017 now and things have changed…. For the better! Behold our top 10 favourite Christmas Advent Calendars for 2017!


12. The Ferrero Rocher Advent Calendar


Ferrero Rocher is one of the more fancier chocolates in the chocolate market. Spoil someone silly with this chocolate lovers perfect countdown to Christmas!

11. Finding Dory Advent Calendar


One for the Disney lovers: Hang on a minute, who doesn’t like Disney?!


10. Yankee Candle Advent Calendar (For A Peaceful Christmas)


If you are looking to create an atmosphere of calm and tranquility over the Christmas period then Yankee Candle have the perfect advent calendar for you.  This is one of our favourite looking calendars in the list.  It looks great and the gifts are useful!  What more could you want.

9. Hot wheels advent calendar


Look how happy this kid is to get this hot wheels advent calendar!

8. An Advent calendar for men


Do you know a man? You do?! Great stuff. Well here is an advent calendar they might like!


7. Craft Beer Lovers – Rejoice, your advent Calendar is here


Craft Beer is now not just for hipsters in east London. It has now entered the mainstream, and for all the better we say! Get your craft beer lover a unique (and somewhat boozy) gift this year. Get it here.


6. Calendar for Cats


If your cat is bae, then you need to treat him/her.  Get them this purrr-fect gift.


5. Fabric Christmas advent calendar


For a more traditional take on a the humble advent calendar try this one.  We think this is a beautiful timeless advent calendar.


4. Virgin Wines advent calendar

For the classier among you there is *actually* a grownups wine calendar. …Can you believe it! Get it here.



3. The Sparkling Fizz Advent Calendar


If you cant get enough of the fizz then this will definitely be the calendar you are looking for. Get Christmas off to a flying start with this one!

2. Reusable Advent Calendar


This is a great idea and one that you can reuse next year!  This advent calendar is not just for Christmas, its for Christmas next year as well!

1. The Lego Advent Calendar


Rather like Disney, how can anyone not like Lego! Wait till you see the look on your kids faces when you get them this Lego Advent calendar.  This is our #1!

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