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Best Amazon Black Friday Deals

We have gathered together the best amazon black friday deals together in one place for your black friday pleasure!

Amazon is the king of Black Friday and if you are a Prime Member, it is even more tempted to get involved in some of the great deals that they have available.

1. Need a new Mattress? Get an Eve Foam Mattress from Amazon


Onesies and Sleeping go hand in hand.  Lets face it, there is not much better than being lazy in your onesie and kicking back in your bed.  A new mattress like this Eve Foam mattress can make all the difference.  If you suffer from a bad back, it may be due to your mattress not being that good in the first place.  There is no better time to upgrade your mattress than Black Friday as this is one of the best deals for this type of mattress that we have seen.  Get it now from Amazon!


2. Nintendo Switch with Pokemon Let’s Go

Pokemon is still popular even several years after the Niantic App release.  Black Friday is the best time to get your mitts on a brand new Nintendo Switch with Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu Edition.  A must have for any Pokemon Fan!


3. The Sonos One – An Alexa enabled Speaker


The Sonos One is the best starter multiroom audio speaker money can buy, so if you are looking to get into creating a Sonos collection then this speaker is a great place to start. The Sonos One comes with Alexa built in which means that you can control it with your voice.  Perfect for the lazier music lovers amongst you.


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